Red tent under the stars

Starstone is largely a one man show, with late nights and weekends fueld by a passion for computers, graphics, imaging, and a love of astronomy (there may also be some caffeine involved in the form of very strong black tea). Here are some of my creative commercial efforts that also help pay some bills, fund adventures, and keep me out of trouble. 




-------------------- RETIRED Products -------------------- 

Eye of the Storm 

Eye of the Storm

Starstone was originally incorporated in 1996 when I introduced a shareware hurricane tracking program called "Eye of the Storm", or EOTS for short. I maintained the software and an accompanying weather service/server for 15 years before I finally had to retire the project. I loved working on it, and with my customers. It was fairly successful with many thousands of copies sold and it was availalbe for both Windows and Mactintosh computers. It was especially handy durring hurricane season here in Florida. I learned a lot from that experience about delivering,  promoting, and supporting a commercial product.  It also paid for a lot of summer adventures for my family.     


The Fourth Day  The Fourth Day

This astronomical calendar and almanac had two incarnations. First, in the 1990's it was a desktop program and screen saver that displayed a real time simulated view of the Earth, the where the sunlight struck, the position of the Moon, rise/set times, etc. A second iteration was availalbe for Apple's iPhones and iPads. I still get emails asking me to bring this back after I let it lapse from the Apple app store. I just might... but I might reinvent it a bit for a third run.




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