Open Source Projects 

Red tent under the stars

Open Source projects are free software or programming tools provided with or just as source code. If the software is pre-packaged, end users can usually download the software for free. With the source code  available, programmers and hobbiests can download the software and compile the programs for themselves and even make their own changes and customizations. Nothing is really free, and someone spent a lot of time making these packages available to you, just like you spend time at your job making things for other people. Time is money, and computing resources are not free, so someone somewhere has always paid for Open Source software projects, in one way or another.

I hope you find these projects useful, and if you are overwhelmed with the desire to buy me lunch or a coffee for my troubles, you can use the paypal link below. You are under no obligation though, but if you do want to put any money in the cup, I'll use it to fund these and other projects, I promise - not to buy drugs... unless you consider caffeine a drug. If so, I'm definately going to use some of the money to buy drugs. All Starstone Open Source projects are hosted via github here:     


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