About Me

Starstone Software Systems, Inc. is the business end of Richard S. Wright Jr. I’m a contract software developer (fancy programmer) with an affinity for the sciences and anything to do with 3D graphics or imaging. I still occasionally pickup small side jobs on Upwork (check there for current rates), but mostly these days I’m fully occupied as a software consultant at LunarG where I am working on the Vulkan SDK, and as an astro-programming-imaging-nerd for Software Bisque making software tools for both professional and amateur astronomers. I also do a lot of writing and photography, and I’ve managed to figure out a way to eek a decent enough living doing all of the above, all run though this solely owned business.

I Code

Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and even a pinch of Android. C++ is still my tool of choice and Qt my primary application framework. I really hate C# and .net, please stop asking me…<vbg>. Cross platform, real time interactive graphics, and data visualization. Exciting and interesting work keeps me up late nights.

I Write & Take Pictures

Blogger and contributing author for Sky & Telescope Magazine.

The Accidental Astronomer – Adventures in professional/amateur astronomy.

A layman’s overview of astrophotography

The Evening Show, Revealing the Universe through Astrophotography. My first book on astrophotography available on Kindle and the iBooks book store.

The OpenGL SuperBible – What a big part of my life this was for so many years! I still love OpenGL and still use it from time to time, while dabbling with some of the newer technologies that is now replacing it (Vulkan).

Astrophotographer at large – my gallery is at www.eveningshow.com

I Volunteer (too dumb to say no)

Coffee and Cosmos – my monthly astronomy outreach program at the Lake Mary, FL Starbucks.
Web site is currently offline because it keeps getting hacked and I ain’t got time for that right now

Central Florida Astronomical Society – President of the local astronomy club. Been on the board for years, and a member even longer.

I used to do…

I’ve done a lot of OpenGL…

I spent 15 years teaching OpenGL, and some networking and multithreading techniques in the gaming program at Full Sail University. Former student? You found me and I’m still kicking 😉

I/Starstone might also be well known for a Hurricane Tracking program (Eye of the Storm) I developed and maintained for years. Many thousands of customers, and more than a few catastrophe’s later, I’ve had to lay that product aside, and it’s been retired for several years now.

Your personal hurricane weather center…

Same goes for “The Fourth Day”, and astronomical almanac. Windows desktop, and for a while an iOS app was sold under that name. One day I may return to this or my lunar almanac program I also have been toying with for… 20+ years. So many ideas, so little time…