Starstone Software Systems is owned and operated by Richard S. Wright Jr. (yes, that’s me in that picture). I’m a software developer by trade (graphics and cross platform specialties), but am also known for my work in the amateur astronomy community at Software Bisque, and my writing for Sky & Telescope. I’ve done lots of cool stuff… well, cool to me, and I’ll tell you all about it someday if you’re really interested 😉

The site was badly hacked recently, and so the current incarnation of the site is pretty sparse at the moment. Sorry… it was beautiful before, but someone in Asia really really needed my web site for some reason. 

Some of my efforts that are in better shape can be found here:


I’m not looking for contract work. I am already employed here:


And spend most of my free time also working here:


I do have some products on the Apple App store, some retired products, and some products currently in development. More to come, but web sites take time to rebuild.