Aside from my books, I do have a couple of apps on the iTunes app store. I’ve recently taken the Fourth Day out of mothballs and have it running again. It may show up again by the end of the year.



Space themed Mahjong style game.

A Mahjong style puzzle game with a space theme. Choose from different layouts, animations, and skins for the playing pieces.

What programmer hasn’t written at least one computer game? I wrote this for my kids originally and tried retiring it, but got some emails asking me to keep it up to date as the iOS versions kept moving forward. So far, so good. At $0.99 it’s a bargain!



IP4AP Part 3

Learn image processing from Warren Keller

A good friend of mine has made a whole series of training videos about using a program called PixInsight for processing astrophotography images.

I’ve packed them up into a convenient viewer for your iPhone or iPad. It’s nice to have the videos on a separate screen while you are following along with your own data on your own computer.